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Tips for Growing a New Beard

Everybody is looking to grow a great beard nowadays. So why not join in on the bearded journey? If you are just starting your beard journey and need a little guidance, then you have come to the right place. Here are 5 tips for growing a new beard.



Be patient! I see so many guys at the beginning start getting all gung-ho about trimming and shaping their beards. Either they end up trimming too short or they end up trimming it all off. Let's be honest: you have no business trimming and shaping your beard when it is barely over a stubble, unless you want the stubble look, and I'm sorry to break it to you, but that is not a beard. Depending on how fast your beard grows, a general rule of thumb is to let your beard grow for at least 2 months. If you fit in with the group of guys that cannot grow facial hair fast, then wait even longer. You should be looking a little caveman-ish before you start trimming and shaping. Be patient and let your beard grow. You will be happy you did.



A lot of guys will start to develop the beard itch early on, which is why moisturizing is key. If you have the beard itch and don’t take care of it, it will more than likely drive you mad, and the next thing you know, you are shaving your beard off. EverReady Beard Co. has got you covered!! That’s what beard oil is for. EverReady beard oil will moisturize your beard and the skin underneath to help kill the beard itch. Just massage a small amount (dime size) into your beard and comb thoroughly to evenly distribute the beard oil. We have lots of great scents to choose from here at EverReady, and if you don’t think you would like a scented beard, then there is unscented as well. If your beard starts to itch, remember to moisturize.



Now that your beard has been growing and developing for 2 months or longer, you can start to think about trimming and shaping. Now don’t just grab a trimmer and start all willy-nilly. First, research what type of beard style you are looking for and what is right for you. More than likely, you are new to trimming your beard, so remember to take your time. There is nothing worse than putting in the time and effort to grow a beard and making a wrong snip, and you have to start your journey over. If you are worried about trimming your beard yourself, then I recommend going to your favorite local barbershop. Take your time, do your research, and watch some videos about trimming and styling your beard and you will see your beard looking good and looking fuller.



One essential tool that everybody needs for a great-looking beard is either a beard comb or a boar bristle brush. Whether your beard is short or long, this is a must-have. Get into the routine of combing or brushing your beard multiple times a day to start training your beard hairs on how to lie. When you wake up in the morning, comb your beard. When you get out of the shower, comb your beard. Getting ready to head to bed? Comb your beard. You should especially comb your beard in the morning to get the detangled mess from throughout the night straightened out. Combing your beard will also remove any dead hairs that you may have, making room for new healthy hairs to grow. It will also stimulate blood flow and improve your beard growth. As you start getting into the routine of combing your beard, you will start seeing the many benefits that come with it. Your beard will stay in shape and will start to look much fuller and healthier. If you are using beard oil like we talked about earlier, a beard comb is key to evenly distributing the product into the areas of the beard that need it the most. Now don’t just grab any cheap beard comb or use the one that you use on your head. It is important to find yourself a good quality beard comb that doesn’t pull any hairs out by the roots. We strongly recommend our EverReady wooden combs or our EverReady boar bristle brush.



Guys!! There is no such thing as a magic beard growth product! So don’t fall for that clickbait. A healthy lifestyle will give you the proper nutrients and testosterone to start growing your best possible beard. Eating a diet rich in high-quality protein (like lean meats and fresh fish) and fresh fruits and vegetables will give your body the nutrients it needs to start sprouting some beard hairs. Combine this with daily exercise, and your beard will have its best possible chance.


Now that you have these 5 tips for growing a new beard, go forth and grow a fantastic beard, do fantastic things, and #StayEverReady. If you have any questions, comment below.



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